Woche 2, 2024

Some good old format instant music – bass, gitar, and drumsynth.

Instant Music Production is what I call the process of going from inspiration to finished in one go. Often relying on first takes and practicing originality over perfection are traits I associate with this type of work. Improvisation and spontaneous composition performances are often part of such productions. This year, Jamuary sees me only occasionally uploading material. This one was the only one finished in week 2 of this year.

Also this week has seen a sad moment in world history. We now have come to a point, where the state, that was born with the intention to save peace for a people, who had been exposed to racism for many centuries – and that was victim to the first ever genocide being called that – need to defend themselves in front of the International Court of Justice against the crime of genocide. Sad, because Israels actions against the Palestinian people make it all too easy to share South Africas worries in this case.

And why is it so important for Germany – connaisseurs de genocide – to give their own defense to Israel? Is Germany worried that Israels stance won’t hold in front of the law? Or is it just to demonstrate that a judgment will not be accepted by the government, if not in favour for friends?

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